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The Belle Hall Dentistry office provides a perfect blend of taste and technology.  Elegantly decorated with dark plum furnishings, olive green cabinetry, and a plethora of palmetto prints, the environment is perfect for a more pleasant dental experience.


Belle Hall Dentistry offers cutting-edge technology with its paperless dental office.  You will not find a huge filing cabinet of patient records in this office.  Your patient chart is updated through a state-of-the art dental software system, flat panel monitor, and cordless keyboard as you sit in the chair.  Your patient history is scanned into your personal record and your picture is taken with Webcam before you leave.


With your consent, all of your patient information can be uploaded to our secure Website for your review.  Your appointment schedule, ledger, account history, treatment plan, and personal information are all available through a username and password login from this Website.  Also, you will receive email confirmation and reminders for all scheduled appointments and 6-month checkups.  Send us an email anytime for questions about you or your child's dental health and Dr. Oldham will respond within 24 hours.


If you are interested in 1 hour teeth whitening, with no bleaching trays or chemicals to soak in your mouth all night, Dr. Oldham offers the Brite-Smile technology for your instant white smile.